Anastasia Chaguidouline and Puck Schot have worked together on a text project, a text file containing self-written individual poetry pieces, diary entries and sources of interest (for example spam mails, military requirements or philosophical essays) all linked to a personal, intimate expression. These texts were then mixed through an algorithm, which randomizes sentences every few words. The text file was then re-edited into a confessional speech, containing non-existent descriptive remains of hardships, communicating something unattainable to the audience: hauntologies one could say. Schot performed Succumb during the opening of her solo show in Zürich, curated by Chaguidouline. Schot decided to perform blindfolded and with headphones on, being sensorically deprived: she repeated after a recording of myself. saying lines from our file, which were in some cases grammatically challenging as the algorithm has caused such interesting impracticalities.

“I can teach you prison. I don’t flower like that…
I have been most often consumed: skin, all hair cells and veins.

Is love an illness in yellow, orange, red and maroon?
Once believed to be… SOMEWHAT difficult?
[…] What are you protesting for? We can provide anything!
I didn’t sleep.
She’s craving a lot of them – and I should stop smoking.
You know what? I don’t smoke because life goes on for me.”

Text by Anastasia Chaguidouline & Puck Schot
Film registration by Nils Kontz
Full performance: 17 minutes 30 seconds