Mascuum I

In 2020 Schot paid Pick-up Artist Ryan Jaunzemis, a dating coach for men who typically just want to go out and find a woman to have sex with. Reading the artist’s book, Schot found many sentences that completely objectify women, which she disagreed with. The disagreements fascinated her so much, that she wanted to see what kind of advice he would have to give to herself. After watching his YouTube channel and following him on Instagram (on which he frequently posts about his personal life an successes in abundance), he made clear that for a 100 dollars, you could be coached by him for an hour. Schot ended up having a paid conversation with him and was truthful about her love life, which she does not consider to be very successful. During this hour wherein he coached her, she felt vulnerable and often agreed with his proposed hetero-normative and generalized statements. Looking back at the session, she picked the moments of which she disagrees with the most, and, took the most vile statements of his book, having the coach have a dialogue with his own words in a two-screen installation with found-footage.

05:46, colour and sound