Inferior Essence

Inferior Essence (2016)

Video, 14m 46s (often presented within cardboard installation with drawings)

This work contains people I have seen on the Internet ― yet I do not know anything about them personally. In exchange for a small amount of money I let them perform extremely personal scripts. These emotionally overwhelming texts are a bit like reality-tv to me: emotional or funny things in reality-tv are the only “spectacular” moments: and as such draw the most attention. Moreover I find it interesting that just as in reality-tv, you are not too sure when one is acting or not and how one can grow empathy for someone unknown in real life.

This work tells a fragmented story of human exploration of suffering within human interaction, or an exploration of alienation in an overload of contact. The main character makes you aware of your surroundings, – a cardboard fortress -, while trying to keep a conscious overview of everything the voices try to say in the video. Yet even for him, it is impossible, to hear an overload of murmur without feeling alone in his skin.

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