‘Surrogate’ was a first attempt to pay a pornographic company to have them produce a video work based on a script Schot wrote in 2019. Being intrigued, but mostly very alienated by Virtual Reality porn, she chose to execute it in the same format. The alienation she felt typically came by the point of view always being from a male perspective, interacting with a girl, together with very empty-feeling rooms. For example, a scene in an office, as Schot was looking away from the sex act and trying to see what else would be around the room – nothing but tube lights. She noticed on this company’s soft-core part of the website, their main productions were short fetish videos wherein there is a female power position: a girlfriend experience, a girl dominating the viewer or more ASMR-like whispering experiences. Schot used that as the main direction in the script, together with lines she had heard in porn, mixed up with thoughts from Lacan in his essays.

VR-video, 06:40, colour and sound