An Inflamed Appeal (all the world may not love a lover)

In 2019 Schot has been producing a work wherein she has paid a pornographic production company (providing “custom fetish videos” to your request) to perform her sexless script, composed from fortune cookie quotes. The script revolves around an American couple living in their bleak house.This work demonstrates a new monetary way of the possibility of fulfilling a personal fantasy online, as more websites are arising that will perform your desires. These websites exceed the realm of regular “Valley” pornography and create a new platform for attention-economized videos. Many of their previously sold videos seem to explore the female role as it is portrayed as very (pre)dominant or provide a “girlfriend experience”, some contain extremer fetishes. Telling a story of an American couple, this work briefly and abstractly touches upon relationships, gender roles, loneliness, existential thoughts, loss of identity in love, ASMR, stress and flashbacks, “gunge” fetish, instant rewards, taboos, porn culture and television. The work criticizes pornography for its empty feeling in scenarios and story-lines in a quiet, non-linear story that includes the awkwardness of being a voyeur.

21m 11s, colour and audio