Acidic Male

Working as a visual artist and writer, Puck Schot once felt the need to express a more direct voice within her poetry. Curious towards electronic music, she started making experiments around 2019 with noise, poetry on violence and distorted drum samples as Acidic Male. In that same year she started collaborating with RJM Vanderheyden as ‘Vot’ress’ as well, combining harsh noise with nature sounds and Shakespearean texts. Since then, she has a high interest in industrial sounds, hypnotic drum patterns and experimental vocals. Having her performer name as a revenge title, she searches to “other” herself into the position of a manipulator, perpetrating the listener through the duality of softness and harshness within violent sounds and poetry. Yet, typically what is left is merely a penetration of herself as the subject, exposing her confessions, memories and hauntologies. Inspired by the abject, she is simply ripping in two, in front of an audience.